What Should I Wear to my Session?

Every session has its own feel to it. No two sessions are alike and I think that is one of the greatest beauties of photographing human beings. Each couple or individual brings their own unique quirks and it's fabulous. However, I generally love to shoot with a more moodier style that involves softer, faded colors and textures. It's always best to avoid bright, flashy colors with large logos and words. I ask my clients to avoid wearing sunglasses and hats unless those accessories are something that would add to the shoot ( like a super cool boho session with big floppy hats and aviators... we'd make an exception). I would love to assist you in any way when it comes to creating the perfect outfit combos. I love fashion and am all about a good outfit. 


What should i bring?

Bring yourself, your loved one, and your dog if you'd like! Maybe even your cat? I'd be down. I don't like to shoot with props unless it's a rad blanket and some camping mugs. I love to photograph simplicity. 


How do you handle payments?

When you book a session with me (or a wedding), 20% of your full payment will be taken up as a retainer fee to hold your spot. This is a non refundable fee. Payments for any session except weddings are due the day before shooting and can be accepted any day leading up to the shoot as well. I accept checks, cash or electronic payments through Venmo. If you would like more information on wedding payments please shoot me an email and I'd be happy to talk it over with you!


Do you edit every photo?

Absolutely! Each photo is culled through and personally edited by yours truly. 


How do you deliver my photos?

For portrait sessions, engagements, family and bridal sessions your photos will be delivered to you through a professional online gallery. From that gallery you can download your photos to your computer and phone and share them until your heart is content. There are some packages offered that will provide other ways of delivering such as gorgeous wooden USB's and boxes and I would love to talk with you personally about that option if you'd like. If you are interested in the delivery of wedding photos please shoot me an email and we'll chat. 


How long will it be until I have my photos?

It usually takes about 2-3 weeks for portrait, engagement, family and bridal sessions and 4-6 weeks for weddings!


Where can I print my photos?

Please oh please print your photos! I am passionate about having tangible copies of these beautiful moments in your hands to keep for years and years. I would be happy to send you a printing guide if you would like me to personally print and deliver your photos, shoot me an email and we'll chat about that. If you would like to do them yourself, I highly recommend printing through White House Custom Color, Artifact Uprising or Photovision Prints.